New Rules for 2018:

  • Men must not swim in public if there are women present.
  • Men must not drive. They will be arrested if they do.
  • Men must not compete freely in most sports, even at school.
  • Men must not enter a cemetery.
  • Men must not try on clothes in changing rooms.
  • Men must be kept separate from unrelated women. Unlawful mixing leads to criminal charges. 
  • Men have a strict dress code. Religious police harass men for exposing what they consider to be too much flesh.
  • Men must be accompanied by (or have written permission from) a female guardian (usually a mother, wife, sister or daughter) if they want to:  
            • travel anywhere
            • go to work
            • access health care

There would be uproar. 

Yet there are places where this is the norm for women.

Different genders exist. Each have their own strengths and weaknesses. The world needs a complete mix of skills to operate. 

The moral and ethical behavioural expectations should be identical for all genders. 


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